Migraine awareness month is just around the corner. It is annually celebrated every June to give people the chance to exchange ideas and experiences with regards to migraine and headache. This is an event organized by headache and migraine specialist to help people suffering from it to retain their social lives which are commonly affected due to their medical condition.


Raising Awareness

So how exactly can you contribute to make the migraine awareness events more significant? You can raise awareness by simply spreading the word, sharing it to your colleagues, and voluntarily educating yourself about the illness.

Many patients are in denial or their migraine because of the stigma that’s attached to it. Because of this, their lifestyle, social skills, and even their communication skills are highly impacted. We, as ordinary citizens can help them regain their used to be joyful life by being supportive and knowledgeable about the condition.

Migraine awareness month also aims to promote self-love by encouraging people with migraine to see a specialist before their condition gets worse.


How Migraine Awareness Month Takes Place

The whole event is typically celebrated on specific days of the month. Each day is dedicated to certain conditions such as follows:

  1. Wear A Purple Shirt Day. This is typically scheduled during the first day of the month to kick off the month long event. Participants are asked to take a photo and share it on National Headache Foundation social media platforms.
  2. Shine A Purple Light. This is done by encouraging participants to shine a purple light on their porch as a way of supporting individuals with migraine disability.
  3. Veterans with headache diseases. This day is dedicated to veterans with migraine and headache problems are they are more susceptible to the disease due to their history while serving the military.
  4. Remembrance Day. This is for those people whose migraine and headache problems lead to tragedy.
  5. Men and headache diseases. This is commonly celebrated together with Father’s Day to support men who are suffering from migraines.
  6. Shades for migraine. Started by the Association of Migraine Disorders, this day is where they give away purple shades as their way to stand united with those who suffer from migraine.
  7. Chronic migraine awareness day. This day is celebrated with red and purple color as participants rally for the awareness of the disease. It is celebrated with a rally monkey mascot and is sponsored by the AMD as well.
  8. Community walk and fun run. An awareness campaign will never be complete without a community walk and fun run which are composed of participants from different walks of life.

If you wish to participate in these events, be sure to follow the organizations that support and organize the migraine awareness campaigns for updated details and information. It would also be more meaningful if you will encourage people living with migraines to join so they can learn more about the disease. This is also one way for them to exchange experiences with other people.

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