Such a frustrating scenario to wake up with a headache

Wake Up With A Headache: Are You Wondering Why It Happens?

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Wake up with a headache, something anyone would not want to experience early in the morning. However, why can an individual have a headache after a good night sleep? Don’t worry. This article can provide answers for you. On the other hand, you can also open this page to read further about sleep-related concerns.

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Breast Pain And Back Pain: What You Need To Know

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Many women across the world experience breast pain and back pain together. In some cases, the pain occurs at a specific time of the day or when they are doing something in particular. But did you know that <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>large breasts can cause backache and headaches</a>? Most people even experience back pain accompanied by other symptoms.

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Can A Sinus Infection Cause A Migraine?

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Can a sinus infection cause a migraine? Migraine and a headache that is caused by sinus are commonly mistaken to be the same thing. This is due to the similarity of their symptoms. It’s important to know which type of headache you are having since your treatment will depend on it. <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Chronic nasal congestion</a> is the inflammation in the sinuses, the headache caused by it typically goes away on its own. However, migraine is a much more serious condition that needs ongoing medication.

Migraine Postdrome: What are the things you can do to deal with it?

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A headache like a migraine is a difficult condition that can hinder your daily activities. It incorporates several phases of signs and symptoms. Sometimes, migraine postdrome may occur even after recovering from the stage of throbbing head pain. What is migraine postdrome? It is only the next and last level […]

What Is The Role Of Migraine Disability Assessment In Treating Headaches?

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The migraine disability assessment, also known as MIDAS is a test with a series of questions that aims to determine the severity of a person’s headache. Its objective is to depict the effects and influence of headaches on an individual’s life. Furthermore, it is used by medical practitioners to easily […]

Everything You Need To Know About Migraine Awareness Campaigns

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Migraine awareness month is just around the corner. It is annually celebrated every June to give people the chance to exchange ideas and experiences with regards to migraine and headache. This is an event organized by headache and migraine specialist to help people suffering from it to retain their social […]