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Wisdom teeth commonly erupt between ages 17 and 21. When this happens, a person might feel discomfort accompanied by symptoms like bad breath and jaw pain. For some people, wisdom teeth even cause headaches which leads to migraines. Dr. Hiromi, a compassionate dentist in Kellyville, NSW, suggests that an individual must consult a specialist to reduce his wisdom teeth migraine.


Wisdom Teeth And Migraine

Migraine can be due to many causes. It might be the cause of environmental or mental stress. However, compacted wisdom teeth could also cause headaches that often lead to migraine or pain on one side of the head.

Keep reading further to know the link between migraine and wisdom teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth

For most people, wisdom teeth erupt in four different locations, two at the top and two at the bottom. They are considered as our third set of molars and they usually come in half a decade after the eruption of the second set of molars. Unfortunately, this process can cause discomfort together with several symptoms.

Wisdom teeth become impacted if they grow incorrectly from the gums. This is a very common situation, in fact, not all dental patients are lucky enough to keep their wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth happen when there is not enough space in the gums for the new teeth. Migraine and temporomandibular joint pain might happen due to the following:

  • dental xrayemerging horizontally
  • teeth get stuck in the jaw
  • pushing other teeth

The pain and discomfort are primarily due to the teeth shifting as the result of impacted wisdom teeth. Once the teeth started to shift, an improper bite will potentially conclude. What happens next? The improper bite will affect the temporomandibular joint and cause different kinds of discomfort including a migraine.



Signs and symptoms of wisdom include the following:

  • swollen gums that are turning red
  • bad breath
  • temporomandibular joint pain
  • bleeding gums
  • unlikeable taste in the mouth
  • trouble chewing


Possible Complications

While wisdom teeth can cause headaches, they can also cause other issues , the St. Leonards Dental team warns:

Wisdom Tooth decay

There is a higher chance for impacted teeth to get rotten compared with ordinary teeth. This is because of its odd location. Wisdom teeth are harder to clean as toothbrush don’t often reach their area. Wisdom teeth that are stuck in the jaw are especially hard to clean making them vulnerable to bacteria. If this gets neglected, there is a possibility for the teeth to decay over time.


One of the most important things to remember is that wisdom teeth erupt in a sac. If this sac becomes full of fluid, it eventually turns into a cyst. It comes with swelling, tooth sensitivity, and misalignment. While the cyst itself is not harmful in nature, it can still lead to complications such as infection and tooth loss.

Gum disease

Since wisdom teeth are hard to clean, the risk of gum inflammation is higher as well. This might affect your daily tasks as it will cause you discomfort. Moreover, apart from inflamation, gum disease is also accompanied by swelling.

Damage to nearby teeth

What’s sad about impacted wisdom teeth is that it can affect healthy teeth and cause damages to them. Depending on how it erupts, it can push the teeth beside it and start a domino effect. This often leads to teeth misalignment that would require restorative procedures.


Remedies For Migraine Caused By Wisdom Teeth

Most of the time, the migraine can be relieved by over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines. Aspirin. for example, is widely known as an effective remedy for headaches. It can also reduce jaw pain (if there’s any) caused by wisdom teeth. But be cautious in taking this medicine as it can cause heartburn and an upset stomach.

Additionally, the best way to manage migraine and other symptoms are by working on the root cause itself. Medical attention is suggested by experts, but if it’s not possible at the moment, you may opt to try the following remedies:

Saltwater Rinse

According to studies, due to its antibacterial properties, salt can reduce inflammation. It prevents the growth and spread of bacteria which promotes healthy gums. To manage the pain caused by emerging wisdom teeth, it is important to keep the mouth clean and free of bacteria. Just pour a tablespoon of salt in a warm cup of water, mix and rinse. Add this to your oral care routine for a healthier and cleaner mouth.

Hot or Cold Packs

You can also alleviate pain by putting an ice pack on top of your cheeks. This can help in reducing inflammation and swelling. On the other hand, heat pads are useful in relieving tensed muscles as it effectively improves the blood flow as well.


Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The best way to manage the iscomfort and pain is by surgically removing the cause of it. This surgical procedure is an outpatient treatment which means that you will only spend one day at the clinic.

To help you stay clam and relax, you will receive anesthesia. Most of the time, dentists ask their patients regarding their preference. Let your dentist know if whichsmiling dental patient among local, sedation, or general anesthsia is okay for you.

The procedure will conclude with the following sequence:

  1. Your dentist will make an incision in gums to have access to the wisdom tooth.
  2. The bone will be removed to get into the tooth root.
  3. For easier removal, the wisdom tooth will be divided into smaller sections.
  4. The tooth pieces will be extracted one by one.
  5. To prevent infection, the treated area will be cleaned.
  6. The incision will be closed through stitching.
  7. To promote the formation of blood clot, a gauze will be placed on top.

Your doctor will most likely give you a list to follow to make the healing process faster.

After the removal of your wisdom teeth, your migraine, jaw pain, and swelling gums should slowly reduce.

It’s advisable to always consult your doctor when it comes to your health and they will discuss to you the other restoration options such as dental implants in Brisbane. If you are experiencing wisdom tooth problems, set an appointment with your dentist.

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