Your pain can be a tooth infection spread to brain symptoms. An infection can spread to the brain as well.

Tooth infection spread to brain symptoms can signify life threatening situations. Do you have a tooth infection as of the moment? If you do, how much do you know about it? Well, this article can help you be familiar with the symptoms that indicate tooth infection already spread into your brain. Moreover, it will also explain why you need to get help for your tooth infection as soon as possible. Otherwise, something more severe can progress from the tooth infection. You can visit Complete Dental’s clinic in Coorparoo if you need to make sure that you’re safe from this issue.


What is a tooth infection?

A person can experience a tooth infection, ranging from mild to severe cases. Furthermore, it can also become life threatening infections if the person who has it neglects it. Most tooth infections occur from untreated tooth decay or cracked tooth.

In this case, bacteria can penetrate the decayed or cracked tooth. When this happens, it can infect even the tooth’s pulp tissue. As a result, it leads to infection, which they call the abscess. These bacterial infections can cause dental damage more than you can ever think of.

Any bacterial infection can spread. One of the significant parts that it can affect is the brain. A bacterial infection can cause brain abscess, which we will explain further in the latter part of this article. With a weak immune system, the formation of a brain abscess is more prevalent.


The Brain and Bacterial Infection

A tooth infection can spread to the brain? That scares the crap out of me. Beware of the symptoms it typically shows.When a bacterial infection reaches your brain, it can become life threatening infections in the long run. The brain will soon start swelling. In actuality, it is not only an abscessed tooth that can cause this brain condition.

Life threatening infections also include heart and lung infections. Besides that, an ear or sinus infection is also a source of a brain abscess. Would you want your life to be in danger because of these infections?

Given these points, it would be best not to neglect any symptoms of infection. This way, you can prevent it from spreading to other parts of your body. Otherwise, you are opening an opportunity of endangering yourself in the end.

Since we are talking more about a tooth infection, let me give you further relevant information. But, first, let’s see how the brain allows us to know that a bacterial infection from a tooth has already reached its perimeter.


6 Tooth Infection Spread To Brain Symptoms

As we mentioned, an infection can travel and reach the brain. For this reason, you have to know this tooth infection spread to brain symptoms.

1 Fever

First and foremost, the most common symptom associated with an infection spread is fever. This symptom results from the body’s attempt to fight the virus or bacteria that causes the infection. Besides that, it may come along with chills as well.

2 Headache

Next to fever is a headache. However, it is not a typical one. With an infection spread to the brain, it often leads to a severe headache. Furthermore, this severe headache occurs in a single section of the head only. Unfortunately, not even painkillers can relieve this severe headache. That is why you’ll be needing a doctor’s help.

3 Mental State Changes

With an infection affecting your brain, it can also cause mental state and personality changes. For example, a person with this condition usually experiences confusion and gets irritated quickly. They may even have decreased responsiveness as well.

4 Vision Changes

A tooth infection spread to the brain can also cause changes in your eyes. Your vision may become blurry, greying, or perhaps a double vision. It is the effect of the pressure on your optic nerve because of the abscess.

5 Nerve Function Issues

An infection that reaches your brain can affect the function of your nerves. In effect, your muscles may feel weak, have speech problems, or become paralyzed on one side of the body.

6 Seizures

Relative to the fifth symptom, severe systemic infections affect nerve functions connected to the brain. In effect, there could be a sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain, which is the seizure.


What are the Treatment Options?

The symptoms you may experience relative to a tooth infection spread to the brain can vary. Even the cause of the tooth infection also differs per individual. For this reason, the treatment option will depend on these factors. Meanwhile, here are the possible treatment options your dentist may apply to you.

  • Dental Abscess Treatment: The procedure involves making a small incision into the gums. It will serve as the drainage port of the dental abscess. The dentist will drain all the pus to remove the bacteria, then stitches it back.
  • Dentists working out a patient's dental abscess.Root Canal Treatment: This treatment takes place if a large cavity already affected your tooth’s pulp. A root canal treatment also includes abscess draining. First, the dentist will remove the infected pulp and drain the abscess. Afterward, cleaning, shaping, and sealing the root canal will follow. They usually apply a dental crown atop the treated tooth to serve as its protection.
  • Antibiotics: Some cases of dental abscess require antibiotics as treatment. It is the option to remove the remaining infection. However, antibiotics alone cannot cure a dental abscess. Additionally, you may also receive your treatment either orally or through an IV.

Generally speaking, a tooth infection is treatable. The earlier we receive treatment, the more we are preventing life threatening infections from progressing. If we continue neglecting even minor tooth decays, we are already at risk.

For this reason, it would be best to receive treatment as soon as we notice any oral issue. This way, we can still have the best quality of our oral health and the rest of our body parts.


Tooth Infection Spread To Brain Symptoms

In general, being familiar with such symptoms can save us from more complex situations. Moreover, these signs of health issues will tell us which requires immediate medical attention. This way, you will know how you should react to the situation.

In this case, tooth infection spread to brain symptoms may already signify severe issues. Therefore, solve your tooth infection at the earliest possible time or, much better, prevent it from occurring.

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