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Tooth Hurts When I Shake My Head: 3 Potential Causes

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Am I sensitive because my tooth hurts when I shake my head? What could be the potential causes of why I am experiencing such a condition? We all know that toothache is the worst source of pain ever. Even the team at Beyond Infinity Dental often sees patients complaining about headaches. Relative to their headaches, a tooth problem exists as well. In this case, shall we consider this as sensitivity? Let’s look for some more details to answer our questions.

Toothache causes headache. They are connected.

Toothache Causes Headache: Connection Finally Disclosed

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It’s true! Toothache causes headache. The unveiling of truth is finally here. Do you want to know more? We can help you with that. You only have to continue reading this article. Furthermore, an impacted tooth could cause headaches; read more at