a woman having a headache while at rest after extraction

A headache after tooth extraction, is there a relation? Is it typical to experience headaches after getting an extraction? On the other hand, after an extraction, you might end up having a missing tooth. To help you with that, you can check here at DDSSDentistSydneyCBD.com.au website.


Headache after tooth extraction

Generally speaking, a patient can experience a headache after tooth extraction. It usually occurs because the muscles tighten, which leads to having cramps. In effect, these cramps can cause a headache—the tension in facial muscles spread from gums to the head.

In general, the removal of any part of the body is not easy. The extraction process itself can lead to headaches. During the procedure, the dentist will use injections and medicines. Aside from that, they have to apply force when pushing or pulling. As a result, it can cause pressure on your facial structures, which leads to headaches.a man having a headache after tooth extraction

Additionally, patients usually cannot eat properly after an extraction. As a result, hunger can also lead to headaches. In this case, it would be best to prepare beforehand regarding the dietary changes after extraction.

Furthermore, a headache can also occur if you feel stressed or anxious about extraction or oral surgery. The best thing you can do for this is to open it up with your dentist beforehand. They might address your anxiety first before proceeding with the dental process.

On the other hand, other reasons may also cause a headache after extraction, such as infection or dry socket. For this reason, you might need a complimentary dental consultation to address your concerns.


Addressing headache after extraction

After an extraction, your doctor will prescribe pain relief medicines. It will help if you take those medicines accordingly, as specified. The most common and tested pain relief for headaches is aspirin. It contains a numbing effect that relieves the pain.

Additionally, it is also usual to experience pain after an extraction. This pain can also be a factor why you have a headache after extraction. In this case, you have to follow the after-care instructions of your dentist. Addressing this pain might also relieve your headache afterward.

Another excellent option that works after extraction is applying a hot or cold compress. For hot compress, it can loosen the muscle tension and improves blood flow. On the other hand, cold compress reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Generally speaking, after an extraction, you have to do proper oral care to prevent infection. An infection can lead to more severe oral conditions. In effect, another procedure might be necessary to address it.



In the final analysis, we can say that an individual can typically experience a headache after an extraction. However, if your headache already causes you discomfort for an extended period, it would be best to go to your dentist.

Your headache may be signifying an underlying cause that needs medical attention. In this case, it is better to address it immediately than end up with a severe dental issue. Your dentist will know what exactly has gone wrong.

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