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Many women across the world experience breast pain and back pain together. In some cases, the pain occurs at a specific time of the day or when they are doing something in particular. But did you know that large breasts can cause backache and headaches? Most people even experience back pain accompanied by other symptoms.


Link Between Breast And Back Pain

Many studies support that most back pain, specifically in women, is caused by large breasts. However, let’s not forget that other factors should also be considered just like the weight of the person.

Researchers also state that obesity and a pinched nerve are some of the primary reasons why back pain occurs. Some cases of back pain are also related to medical health such as follows:back pain due to breast

Apart from back pain, large breasts could also cause discomfort in the shoulders and neck. Wearing the right size bra would be of great help in alleviating the pain.


Breast Cancer and Back Pain

The question is, “Is back pain a primary symptom of breast cancer?” Generally, most people with developing breast cancer do not typically experience back pain. In fact, lumps in the breast, changes in the skin around the breast, and the appearance of the nipple are the most common signs of breast cancer.

Nonetheless, pain anywhere in the body could still occur, including back pain. This is called metastatic breast cancer where cancer has already spread out.

The pain occurs because when cancer starts to develop and spread, it can potentially weaken the bones in our body. For some people, their backbone or spinal bone gets affected resulting in back pain.

If the pain becomes severe and occurs frequently, it’s time to give your doctor a visit.


Causes Of Breast Pain

Pain in the breast could occur at one side or both at the same time. The pain also comes in different levels, some women experience sharp and shooting pain. For some, it’s a dull sensation but continuous ache. Here are the common causes of breast pain:

  • Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. This is the most common cause of pain in the breasts.
  • Retention of water in the body. This typically takes place during the period.
  • Breast injuries
  • Pregnancy, specifically during the first trimester.
  • Nursing a baby.
  • Breast infection
  • Effect of menopausal stage.
  • Sife effect due to medication.
  • Breast cancer (the pain is different than the usual)
  • Surgical operation
  • Effect of mammogram test (although the pain does not last for too long)

Breast pain is normal especially before, after, and during your period. Yet, if the pain becomes severe, it would be wiser to have a medical checkup.



The treatment for your breast pain will differ on the actual cause of it. But there are ways for you to alleviate breast pain and prevent it from occurring beforehand.

To prevent pain from taking place, wear the right size bra. Most women experience breast pain and back pain altogether because of incorrect bra size. While the size of your bra does not necessarily cause the pain, its main purpose (which is to support your breast) is no longer being served.


Causes Of Back Pain

About 80% of the world’s population is estimated to have back pain. We are all prone to this medical condition at some point in our lives due to our lifestyle and daily activities.

But to be more specific, listed below are common reasons for having a painful back:

Pulled muscle

A back sore could occur if you are lifting heavy objects without proper support and balance. If you are lifting heavy objects, there is a tendency for you to pull a muscle or tendon which will eventually cause your back pain.


Inflammation is our body’s natural immune response that could cause pain in several parts of the body. If the pain is too extreme, it could affect the back muscles and result in chronic soreness.

Awkward sleeping position

how to sleep correctlySleeping in an awkward position for too long could restrain your back muscles and cause tightness in the back. This can lead to pain in the back and even headaches due to tightness and tension. Be sure to sleep on a mattress that supports your back and use a pillow for your head and neck.


A lot of people are suffering from the excruciating pain of arthritis. This medical condition is a certain type of chronic inflammation that has a huge impact on the joints all over the body, including the back. Oftentimes, arthritis is linked with swelling and stiffness.


Our back is an essential part of our body that provides support in keeping us upright. But if you have an incorrect posture, your body gets stressed, thus causing back pain and ache in different parts of the body. Being overweight also adds up to the stress of the body since our muscles would need to work more than usual to provide support.

Injured discs

When the discs in our back get out of place or injured, back pain could follow. Disc injuries get worse as we age so it’s important to exercise regularly to strengthen our muscles and bones.


Osteoporosis is a popular back condition that most of us are well aware of. It is a bone disease that decreases the mass of the bones causing them to become weaker with time.


Fibromyalgia does not only cause back pain but several aches in the body as well. The main cause of it is still unclear as of this writing but most specialists believe that the pains that come from Fibromyalgia are associated with nervous system abnormalities.


There are several ways to prevent and alleviate back pain. For example, practicing proper posture would be of great help to reduce the pain and prevent it from occurring frequently.

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